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The Importance of a Quality Background Check

Verified Volunteers & LobbyGuard - Working Together to Protect your School

Verified Volunteers’ integration with your LobbyGuard System allows you to:

  • Make More Informed Decisions:  Background checks are NOT created equal – Quality and consistency vary widely. Verified Volunteers background checks are the most comprehensive and accurate available and include the Department of Justice Sex Offender Registry – the only up-to-date, comprehensive source of sex offender information.
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind with Monthly Updating:  Other checks are “one and done” – We update for one year from the original date of the background check.  Monthly monitoring is conducted to help schools identify any new crimes that may have been committed, giving you an added layer of security.
  • Remove Administrative Burdens of Screening:   Verified Volunteers is automated and integrated within your LobbyGuard platform - saving you time, money and the hassle of working with two separate systems.
  • Give Volunteers Option to Pay:  Preserve your budget by allowing (or requiring) volunteers to pay for all or part of their screening – or asking for an optional contribution. Our clients report saving an average of 40% on screening thanks to volunteer contributions.
  • Built-in Compliance:  No need to worry about compliance obligations under the FCRA (Fair Credit Report Act). We take care of it for you, providing the required consent and disclosure forms based on your volunteer’s location.

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